9 December update: Joint Petition from the labour activists and the intensifying suppression

Update as of the 9th December 2015 on the Chinese detained labour NGO activists

<<Joint Petition from the labour activists and the intensifying suppression >>


The labour activists have been detained for six days already. Still, they are denied access to lawyers. In the morning of the 9th December, lawyers representing DENG Xiao ming and ZHANG Feiyang requested to meet their clients in the First Detention Centre of Guangzhou City. However, once again, this fundamental demand was refused by the officers as the activists were alleged to be involved in the crime of “endangering national security”. The lawyers complained to the prosecutor immediately, as what have been written down in the notice of detention is “disrupting social order” instead of “endangering national security”.

ZHU Xiaomei was arrested and taken away in the witness of her nearly one-year-old daughter. Two days after the arrest, ZHU’s husband took their daughter to the detention centre for breast-feeding. Unfortunately, their daughter cried and refused to be breastfed after several attempts. Later on, the police no longer allowed ZHU’s husband to bring their daughter to the detention centre for breast-feeding. Their daughter kept crying these few nights. ZHU’s husband restated his request. However, the police said that they need to seek for the approval of higher official.

Information concerning the suppression of labor activists has limited lifespan on the internet owing to state censorship. Several Weibo (a Chinese social media) and WeChat (a Chinese messaging app) accounts have been blocked. HE Xiaobo’s wife often expressed her feelings on her husband’s detention on the internet. Two police officers went to her home and warned her not to do so, or else “there will be serious consequence.” Currently, her account cannot be viewed on the internet.

Some workers who have sought help from the labour NGO Panyu Migrant Workers Center said that they were interrogated by unknown personnel.

A labour activist in Shenzhen, Zhang zhi-ru posted a petition “A submission to the CCP Central Committee, State Council and the National People’s Congress” in his personal blog, which calls for signatories to support the detained activists. Again, this post is blocked after a few hours.

In Hong Kong, more than thirty labor groups and trade unions have issued a joint statement, calling the public to sign the statement to support the detained activists. Tomorrow they will stage a protest at the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government demanding the release of the labor activists.