( 10 December update) Police harassment increases; supporting Action spreads

Update as of the 10th December 2015 on the Chinese detained labour NGO activists

《Police harassment increases。Supporting Action spreads》

It has been the 7th day since the Chinese labour activists were detained and missed. MENG Han (the previous staff of Panyu Worker Service Centre ) and Beiguo (former staff of Panyu Worker Service Centre ) are yet to be located. Today, workers who received help from Panyu Worker Service Centre before said they have been told and requested not to join any rescue Chinese labour activist attempt and not to make contact with outside. Recently, some policemen also went to the school in which Zhen Feiyang’s son is studying and took photo of him without any reason.

Yesterday, Zhang Zhiru, Shenzhen labour right activist issued a joint petition. At least 141 mainlanders join the petition against the crackdown. It shows that people still dare to express their opinion even under the government oppression. Unfortunately, the petition website was blocked again.

Several Hong Kong labour organizations launched joint-protest today morning. Over 100 people protested to demand the release of the detained labour activists.

A group of Chinese and labour studies scholars decided to initiate global signature campaign, demanding the Chinese government not to abuse the state authority and release the detainees immediately.