(11 December update) Peng Jiaoyong’s Detention Confirmed。Police Harassment Continues

Update as of the 11th December 2015 on the Chinese detained labour NGO activists

《Peng Jiaoyong’s Detention Confirmed。Police Harassment Continues》

Today, the lawyer of Peng Jiayong tried to make a deposit (for his expenses) on Peng’s behalf at the First Detention Center in Guangzhou Baiyun. The transaction was successful, which indirectly confirmed his detention status.

To date, including Peng five NGO activists have been confirmed to be under criminal detention (others include He Xiaobo, Zeng Feiyang, Zhu Xiaomei and Deng Xiaoming). Meng Han and Tang Jian are still missing.

The police investigation has become more intense; a number of activists were put to interrogation today. It is believed that the police now retain a list showing those who have close ties with the arrested activists. The police have subjected these people to inquisitions in the past few days.

The police has continued to harass the activists’ families and taken pictures of their children without their consent and valid reasons. The family members of the detainees are angry and feel helpless.