(14 December update)Zhu Xiaomei bail request refused。Lawyer’s request to meet He Xiaobo denied

Update as of the 14th December 2015 on the Chinese detained labour NGO activists

《Zhu Xiaomei bail request refused。Lawyer’s request to meet He Xiaobo denied》

It has been the 12th day since the large-scale arrests of Labor NGO activists in Guangdong. The money deposited earlier in the detainees’ accounts at the First Detention Center of Guangzhou by the families of DENG Xiaoming and PENG Jiayong had indirectly confirmed the place of their detention. Yet, the ‘charges’ remains unexplained. Including HE Xiaobo, ZENG Feiyang and ZHU Xiaomei, there are now five activists being detained; while MENG Han, TANG Jian are still missing.

Because of the need to breastfeed her youngest daughter, ZHU Xiaomei ‘s family tried to request a bail for her, yet rejected by the Detention Centre on the ground that she may “forge, alter or destroy the evidence”.

Besides, the lawyer of HE Xiaobo requested to meet him at the Nanhai Detention Center, but the request was rejected because ‘the Domestic Security officer forbids any visits to HE.’

A series of suppression and defamation of the Labour NGO members have triggered widespread criticism against the state, saying that such acts have suppressed workers’ struggle. However, articles criticizing the government are soon to be removed by the authority. A petition initiated by ZHANG Zhiru has been repeatedly removed from the blog, but he persistently opens new blogs to invite for signatures. To date, at least 400 people join this petition. In addition, the online petition campaign launched by the Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions and other labor groups in Hong Kong has thus far received almost 1000 signatures.