(21 Dec Update)Trade Unions worldwide support the International Day of Action. Police harassment continues on Winter Solstice Eve

Trade Unions worldwide support the International Day of Action. Police harassment continues on Winter Solstice Eve

Various International trade unions and local organizations launch the International Day of Action today.In Hong Kong, the Confederation of Trade Unions and other labor groups in about 50 delegates marched to the Liaison Office, submitted more than 155 co-signatories of the trade unions’ and the labor organizations’, as well as more than 2000 individual signatories demanding that the Chinese Government release the detained labor activists. The organizers later set up booth outside SOGO in Causeway Bay, making a public call for ‘one person,one photo’ in the sense of supporting the detained labor activists across the border.

In light of the International Day of Action, the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), the international industrial trade union federation (IndustriALL), and the French Democratic Confederation of Labour (CDFT), New Zealand Workers’ Union (ETU), Cape Verde Islands free Trade Unions (CCSL), the Philippines Alliance of Progressive Trade Unions (APL), the Democratic Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus (BKDP) and other trade unions have written to the Chinese government to express International concerns over the issue. International Union of Food (IUF) was planning to protest outside the Chinese Consulate in Geneva.

There continued to be more unions responding to the solidarity support in against the suppression. United Kingdom, France, Denmark, and India’s labour groups protest around the local China’s Embassy. Meanwhile, Scholars’ Global Petition scheme initiated by December 14 has received nearly 200 signatories across the globe.

In Guangzhou and Foshan, police harassment of labor NGO staff continues. In Foshan, the staff of (南飛雁) had subjected to interrogation on fiscal matters and member injuries. In Panyu, the police exerted relentless pressure on the NGO staff and their friends.

It is the Winter Solstice Festival today(22 dec), an important day for family reunion in the Chinese community. Yet, the six detained labor activists, Zhen Feyang,Zhu Xiaomei,He Xiaobo, Peng Jiayong, Meng Han and Tang Xiaoming have to spend their 20th day in jail to ‘celebrate’ the festival, while their counterparts Tang Jian are still missing.We, just as their families and friends, are looking forward to their early return.