Dr. Jack Qiu: The legal system has become capital’s slave.

Scholars’ comment on the suppression of labor NGOs in China

《Dr. Jack Qiu, Associate Professor, the Chinese University of Hong Kong》

The legal system has become capital’s slave. Why do I say so? As a person who often visits industrial areas in China, I have witnessed and known many workers who have had their basic rights violated. It is easy to understand the situation if we think in the following way. A large number of employers infringe the laws, but there are never any cases where dozens of employers are being arrested. I believe if things were to be done fairly, the officials can arrest two hundred employers at one go. However, why are the employers less likely to be charged with criminal offense? Why is the working class always the victim and yet the local governments have never attempted to improve their situations? Among the labor activists arrested in the ongoing crackdown, He Xiaobo of Nan Fei Yan Social Work Service Organization has worked hard to deal with many cases of industrial injuries. Guangzhou Hai Ge Workers’ Services Center and Panyu Migrant Workers Service Center have also provided assistance towards underprivileged workers. They helped the workers to engage in collective bargaining. All assistance provided by them is always within the country’s legal framework and they have not functioned illegally by any means.