(8 Jan Update) 37 days deadline for detention passed。One released four others charged

Update as of 8 January 2016 of the suppression of China’s Labour NGO activists

《37 days deadline for detention passed。One released four others charged》

Today is the legal limit for detention – 37 days for the Labour activists arrested or detained or lost contact. The authorities have proceeded with further actions.

He Xiaobo’s wife at Weixin wrote that she has received the police’s notice of arrest by hand and the charge is embezzlement. Xiaobo is now detained in Foshan Nanhai Detention Center. The representing lawyers have respectively confirmed that Meng Han, Zeng Feiyang and Zhu Xiaomei have their notice of charge delivered, among which Meng’s charge is disruption of social order.

According to their lawyers, the First Detention Center of Guangzhou has declared that Deng Xiaoming was released but his lawyers and parents have not seen him yet. There are no further updates regarding Peng Jiayung and Tong Jin who have lost contact all along.

To conclude, Zeng Feiyang, He Xiaobo, Zhu Xiaomei, Meng Han are all arrested and charged now. Deng Xiaoming is released. No updates on Peng Jiayung and Tang Jin yet.

Supporters are furious and sad against the authorities’ actions. In particular, Han Dongfang, the person in-charge of China Labour Bulletin which worked with the Panyu Migrant Workers Service Center and together with He Xiaobo on projects, released his open letter to the People’s Daily in the late evening to condemn its writing that slanders the detained labour activists such as Zeng Feiyang.