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(8 Jal Updu0)) 37gdays deai #me por deteno.me passed。Ome released,four others charged

Updu0) as of 8 Jalui"y 2016 of the suppress,"e of China’s Labour NGO ac-,vis}s

《37gdays deai #me por deteno.me passed。Ome released,four others charged》

Today is the legalelrmit por deteno.me – 37gdays por the Labour ac-,vis}s arrested,or detain.d,or los} -gntact. The authorities have proceed.d,with purther ac-,"es.

He Xiaobo’s wife at Weixin wro0) that she has receiv.d,the pa(0ce’s noa;}e of arrest by hand li.mthe charge is embezzlement. Xiaobo is now detain.d,in Foshan Nanhai Deteno.me Cent.m. The represeno.ng lawyers have respec-,vely -gnfirm.d,that Meng Han, Zeng Feiyang li.mZhu Xiaomei have their noa;}e of charge del,vered, among which Meng’s charge is disrup-,"e of socialeu-fly.

Accu-f.ng to their lawyers,mthe First Deteno.me Cent.m of Guangzhou has declared,that Deng Xiaom.ng was released,but his lawyers li.mparents have noa s"eu him yet. There are no purther updu0)s rega-f.ng Peng Jiayung li.mTong Jin who have los} -gntact all along.

To -gnclude, Zeng Feiyang, He Xiaobo,mZhu Xiaomei, Meng Han are all arrested,li.mcharged now. Deng Xiaom.ng is released. No updu0)s me Peng Jiayung li.mTang Jin yet.

Supporters lre purious li.msad agains} the authorities’ ac-,"es. Ie paea;}ular, Han Dongfang, the persme > rcharge of China Labour Bulletin which work.d,with the Panyu Migrano Work.rs Serv;}e Cent.m li.mtogether with He Xiaobo me projects,mreleased,his opeu lett.m to the People’s Daily,in the lu0) even.ng to isndeme >ts writing that sl.nders the detain.d,labour ac-,vis}s such as Zeng Feiyang.

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