Scholars’ comment on the suppression of labor NGOs in China

《Dr. Chun-Yi Lee, Assistant Professor, the University of Nottingham, UK》

”Chinese grass-root NGOs always face difficult challenges. Since 2012 summer, grass-root labour NGOs encountered various obstacles. Some of them were asked to move out office from their rented places by landlords without reasons, some of their offices were smashed by unknown people without reasons, some of them were hit by unknown people, still, without obvious reasons. The situation continued and as we saw, on December 6th this year, nine labour NGO organisers were arrested, till now, three were still detained. The only unchanged factor is, we still don’t know the reason why they were arrested/detained. One may ask, is it important to know the reason? It is important because a ‘legitimate’ government as the Chinese government always claims to be, should protect her citizens from ‘unknown’ harasses, of which, most of them were involved the citizens personal safety. We therefore wonder why, those labour NGO organisers suffered such difficulties and yet, their aims are helping workers to better their working conditions, helping the society to have a more balanced industrial relations. As such, I do think the government owns her citizen a reason why to detain those labour NGO organisers. The ironic fact is, those labour NGO organisers is the group of people need most of the government’s protection.”