[Update on the Chinese Detained Labour NGO activists]: Family of Meng Han Harassed before Court Trial

[Update on the Chinese Detained Labour NGO activists]: Family of Meng Han Harassed before Court Trial
Source: Weixin
Edited by: Red Balloon SolidarityEditor’s Note:
Updates on the Arrest of Labor Activists in Mainland: Court trial of Meng Han, the latest Chinese labor activist being held captive, will be conducted between Nov 3 and Nov 4. Recently, messages and photos of Meng Han’s family have been circulated on Weixin, a social networking site in Mainland China. The materials are mainly about the Guangzhou pre-trial brigade Captain and several investigators visiting the residence of the activist’ family, on the pretext of handling hukou (household registration) affairs. The law enforcers expressed their wish for Meng to plead guilty, and suggested that vehicles could be arranged to send the family to attend the court trial. Both requests were rejected by Meng’s parents, they were then told that the investigators would come back to conduct further negotiation with them.

Despite in custody, Meng Han has been steadfast to his beliefs that it is rightful and lawful for labor NGO workers to help secure the rights of workers, and solve labour disputes by following legal and civilised procedures. To beat the persevere Meng Han, however, the Chinese Government has exerted enormous pressure on the activist. His family has been monitored and harassed, and were even forced to move away from home. In August, Meng was compelled to dismiss the lawyer appointed by his family. It is not known whether his case is represented by any lawyer. Meng’s case is also arranged to be handled independently, separated from the case of the other three labor activists. Just before the trial, Meng’s family was again pressurised.

Meng Han’s trial arouses social concern, with labor organisations issuing a statement to demand the Chinese government to stop political prosecution and release Meng Han.


【Original Weixin Post】
[October 31, 2016] “Emergency: yesterday two security guards came to our home and checked our household registration status. This evening at eight o’clock something, the Guangzhou pre-trial brigade Captain Wang with 6-7 so called investigators rushed in our home and said he wanted to talk to Meng’s father about Meng Han matters. , Meng’s father said he could talk but would only allow one person to get in and talk. At last, Wang captain came in while the other people were waiting at the door. At the time only the old couple was at home and the old lady was so scared. The purpose of the visit was clear: They wanted Meng Han to plead guilty and the case would be closed as soon as possible. They also said they could send a car to bring them to attend the court. After talking for nearly an hour, the old couple did not agree. They said they will come back tomorrow morning to continue the discussion. “The petition link supporting the Chinese Detained Labour activists: