【13th Day of Workers’ Strike at Robust (Guangzhou) Water Factory】

[13th Day of Workers’ Strike at Robust (Guangzhou) Water Factory]
Source: Weixin and Weibo post (https://goo.gl/gk4P80)
edited by Red Balloon Solidarity
Robust (Guangzhou) Water Factory workers’ strike has come to the 13th day. While the management representative of Danone China and the workers conducted the second round of negotiations this morning, higher ranking executives from the management and government personnel (including Labour Bureau officers and SWAT) were present in the factory as arranged by the management. 2 workers were taken away during the negotiations, and were issued dismissal letter, whereas a female worker had a heart attack and was sent to hospital. No results have been achieved so far in this round of negotiations.
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Danone China (a subsidiary of Groupe Danone, whose headquarters is in France) has sold one of its bottled water brands, Robust, to Win Holdings in Shenzhen, but refused to give severance payment to Robust workers. As the employees grew unsatisfied, the workers at the Guangzhou factory started a strike on 8th November. The management has used different means in order to threaten the workers to resume work, those means include penalising the striking workers, deleting the Weibo posts by the workers, deducing their work performance award payment etc.
Strike workers’ demands go as follows:
  • Offer severance payment, compensation calculated as 2n + 1 (n=working years)
  • The standard compensation amount should follow the average monthly wage, and be returned in a one-off payment
  • Unpaid sum for social insurance and housing funds should be paid back
  • Employees with work injuries and occupational diseases should be compensated.
Messages from Weixin:
After the unfruitful first round negotiations last week, a number of staff members from the management, Labour Bureau and SWAT entered the factory today. While workers were hoping for further negotiations, SWAT surrounded them, creating a tense atmosphere which led to a female worker’s heart attack. She was now admitted to Tai He Hospital.
Another 2 workers were later taken away, other workers threw bottles and screamed to protest. Broadcast announcement was made at the factory, yelling ‘you are no longer our workers, you have been fired.’
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