【突發】【English】Offices raided, at least 15 labour NGO activists detained

Text/ Stand News
Translated/ Red Balloon Solidarity

// More than 15 labour NGO activists have been detained by the Chinese police in Guangzhou, Foshan and Beijing, just a few were released. Labour NGOs have played a significant role in supporting the Chinese migrant workers to defend their legal rights and promoting the rule of law in the country. This wave of arrest is by far one of the most serious attacks on the civil society and labour rights movement in recent years. Please pay attention to further updates. //

ngo raid

Members of many Labour NGOs in Guangdong have been detained  by the police out of the blue. Their offices raided and some activists remained out of reach. Chen Huihai, the manager of Haige Labour Service Center, has told the media before being out of reach, that this prosecution is initiated by the Municipal Public Security Bureau, and is a concerted effort to suppress the Labour NGOs.

Various media sources have reported the incident as the greatest suppression against local labour NGOs since the arrest of Guangdong labour activist Liu Shaoming in May this year. It is analysed that matter is closely related to the rise of workers’ protests upon widespread bankruptcy or closure of factories in recent years. Labour NGOs have repeatedly assisted workers to bargain with the employers and the government, as the third party in collective bargaining and as the workers’ legal advisors. This contributed to frequent and intense conflicts between the NGOs and the local government.

It is reported that, in the morning of 3 December, the police seized the office of Haige Labour Service Center (previously Guangdong Labour Weiquan Lawy Firm Workers Training Unit), and taking away members including Bin xue, He bīng, Deng Xiaoming and workers Huang Dongmei, Cheng Nengwen.

At the same time, members of Panyu Migrant Worker and Sunflower Female Workers Center Zeng Feiyang, Zhu Xiaomei, Luo Hongmei, Peng Jiayong have also been taken away.

When Chen was interviewed earlier on, he indicated that he has hidden in a hotel room and would not be surprised if he is to be taken away. Recalling the restriction to crossing the border last month, he told the media that is going to be a massive suppression,

” The news is only confirmed about half an hour ago. They have spread their nest wide to catch us all. 4 members of my office are all charged. I am fortunate that I went to the government offices to obtain business information this afternoon that I am not yet found. But I guess I could not escape. I am now in a hotel room, hiding, but I could not escape from their surveillane. They have told me expressly that they are to take me away. You dont have to go, you cannot escape anyways, they said.”

That reporter tried to contact Chen a hour later but in vain. Fuhua police station later confirmed  that Bin Xue are there but they refused to say further. The officer later said that the authority in action is Criminal Division and the National Security Division, not the police station itself.

Radio Free Asia later confirmed that 4 members of the Haige Labour Service Center were released after taking statements, but others were still out of reach.

Besides, Foshan Nan Fei Yan Labour NGO manager He Xiaobo is arrested by a charge of financial misappropriation.


廣東工廠倒閉潮 NGO助勞工維權被打壓 多名負責人失蹤



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