[Reprinted] A bloody decade of the iPhone

Source: The Conversation Ten years ago the first iPhone went on sale. The iconic product not only profoundly altered the world of gadgets, but also of consumption and tall corporate profit; this world would be impos...詳情

[Reprinted]Ethiopian workers killed in fire at Chinese run stadium site: report

Seven Ethiopians working for a major Chinese contractor on Ethiopia’s FIFA-standard stadium died in a night-time blaze in a site dormitory last month but the news has been suppressed until now, a respected Ethiopian ...詳情


  經過21個月的無理監禁,中國勞工維權人士孟晗,終於在9月3日刑滿出獄。 自從習近平上台,中國民間社會和維權人士日子過得很艱難,劉曉波在獄中犯病,最後死在中國固然讓全球震驚,舉世悲鳴,差不多時,江天勇這曾經被打多次的維權...詳情

[轉載]「一帶一路」中國勞工訪談(一) — 像被賣豬仔到非洲

技術員李東到非洲一年了。他是中國一家國字頭企業安哥拉分公司的員工。一年中,他只拿到過一次工資,僅有勞動合同承諾的40%。 到安哥拉後不久,李東就聽老員工們說起公司拖欠工資等種種問題,他抱著一種“既來之,則安之”的心態,可...詳情